Happy New Year – see you in 2017!

Wow, it’s almost 2017! Thank you all so much for such a wonderful year. I love writing this blog, connecting with all of you, and reading all your comments and emails. I’m looking forward to new exciting adventures in 2017! Here’s a look back at some of the things we got up to this past year…

My babies aren’t babies anymore! This year, Claire lost her first tooth, we finally sorted out the mess that was Heidi’s sleep, we had a beautiful Little Film made, we learned some lessons playing Memory, and I finally set the record straight about what a mess I really am sometimes. 😉

Nairobi living
Life in Nairobi is never dull! We discovered an amazing cooking class, and took the girls to see Tinga Tinga Tales the Musical (um, like 3 times). Claire got out of Nairobi and spent some time with Cucu in the village, and I spent some great alone-time in Karura Forest.

Outer Banks

In 2015, we got around! We had an Easter egg hunt at the beach, made our annual journey to the US, learned how to cope with jet lagged kids, and spent an amazing holiday in the Outer Banks.

Our 2016 resolution was to do a lot more camping, and we did! We gazed at the moon and stars with the Travelling Telescope at Mount Suswa, survived some seriously heavy rains at Ngare Ndare Forest, rung in the New Year at Sand River in the Maasai Mara, and camped in the foothills of Mount Kenya National Park.

Into the Bush

What we read
We’ve raised two little bookworms who can’t get enough of reading! This year, we shared some of our favorite Kenyan children’s books, I admitted that The Gardener makes me cry, and both girls fell in love with In the Town All Year Round.

Stuff we loved
There’s so much great stuff out there to love! I learned how to make a fool-proof homemade (sugar-free!) ketchup, shared my secret weapon for reading more books, discovered some amazing Kenyan IG accounts, and let the girls help me make some ridiculously easy cake pops.

Guest blogging
This year, I was excited to showcase all Kenya has to offer over at Roasted, Montreal. I also became regional editor for Africa and the Middle East for World Moms Network, and wrote a piece about being an absentee voter in this year’s U.S. election.

Sharing our stories with you this past year has been such a treat! Thanks to all of you for your comments, and for stopping by to say hello when you see us out there in the real world (I love getting to meet readers in the wild!). It has been wonderful interacting with all of you this year, and I anticipate even more interesting exchanges in 2017. Thanks for joining me, and happy New Year!

Tinga Tinga photo courtesy of Dixon Lites, family photo courtesy of Natasha Sweeney. Used with permission.

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