This year’s resolution: do more hiking!


I’ve never been much for New Year’s resolutions, but last year we resolved to do more camping. It was a great, achievable goal that we could all get behind as a family. This year, my resolution is to spend more time outdoors hiking.

I really love walking outdoors, and we take regular family walks in Oloolua and Karura here in Nairobi. I want to get out more, and get a bit more adventurous with our hikes. There are so many cool hiking trails in Nairobi and further afield, and I would really like to experience some of that. The fact is, while I love walking, I’m pretty terrible at hiking. Even a slight grade has me huffing and puffing. The only solution is to get out there more to build my stamina and endurance.

Another thing that holds me back is the fear of falling on uneven terrain. I’ve got pretty terrible balance. On more than one occasion, I’ve actually reduced myself to scooting along on my bum to avoid falling on unfamiliar or uneven ground. I recently got a pair of trekking poles, which I’m hoping will make me feel much more secure out there on rugged terrain.

One goal I’d really love to achieve this year is hiking Mount Longonot. I know that for many, that might seem like hardly a challenge, but for me it will be a big deal. The trail is just 3.1 km from the gate up to the crater rim (and a further 7.2 km to make a circuit around the crater, but that is a goal for another day!). But parts of the climb are really steep, and I know it will be a huge challenge for me. So, before I tackle Longonot, I need to build my stamina on some other trails. Hikers among you – what are your favorite moderate hikes around Nairobi? Bonus points if they can be done with kids in tow! 😉

I really love being outdoors, and I hope that the more I hike, the better I will get at it. Also, I want my kids to experience all the wonders Kenya has to offer, and the best way for them to experience the great outdoors is for me to get them out there as much as possible! So here’s hoping for a little personal growth and development, and some extra hours in the great outdoors. See you out on the trail!

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4 Responses to This year’s resolution: do more hiking!

  1. Els Breet says:

    Happy New Year to you and your family! And welcome for a walk on Mlango Farm – quite some changes here since your last visit 🙂

  2. Karambu says:

    Hey Tara, happy new year, Karura forest is great place to start. Ngong hills are a bit tough but a great. Ololosukuan hills are another fantastic place.

    • Mama Mgeni says:

      Thank you so much for the suggestions! We are Karura regulars, and I look forward to challenging myself in Ngong Hills and Ololosukuan Hills! See you out on the trail? 🙂

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