Safe gas bottle storage


For years now, I’ve been worried about our gas bottle storage in our kitchen. We have a gas stove and oven, and since we moved to our house (5 years ago!), the gas bottle has been stored in a small cabinet adjacent to the stove. I always knew this was a bad idea, yet still somehow 5 years passed before I did anything about it.

This weekend, we finally moved the gas bottle outside. We had a cage built and installed outside the house, and drilled holes for the hose to snake through the wall to the stove inside the kitchen.

What finally got us to take action? A few weeks ago, we ran into an old acquaintance at the airport. She told us about a horrific accident she had a couple of years ago, where her gas bottle exploded. She was terribly burned and injured from shrapnel. Thankfully, after many surgeries and extensive rehab, she has fully recovered. But hearing her story reminded us just how dangerous it is to store these bottles incorrectly. Our old setup was just like our friend’s – the bottle was stored adjacent to the stove, in a very poorly ventilated cupboard.

Gas bottle storage

We followed these guidelines when changing our setup:

  • Store gas bottles in an upright position (if they lay on their side, they are more likely to leak)
  • Keep gas bottles in well-ventilated places
  • Store gas bottles away from heat and ignition sources
  • Make sure gas bottles are stored outdoors

It was so much easier than we expected. Jesse contacted a welder he has worked with before, and the welder knew exactly what we needed. He built the cage, delivered it, installed it, and drilled the holes to snake the tubing outside.

I’m so relieved we have finally made our kitchen safer! Fixing our gas bottle storage has been on my list forever. Now we can move on to other long overdue items on our to-do list… 😉

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