Amazing training opportunities for your nanny!

As a stay at home mom, I have spent many afternoons outside with the girls while they played and explored. As such, I have really gotten to know all the nannies in our neighborhood. This gave me a window into the life and work of a nanny that not all parents get to see. I know good nannies, and not-so-good nannies. Nannies who encourage children to play and learn, and nannies who take over and do the activities FOR the child. Nannies who motivate children, and nannies who discourage them (even inadvertently). Having seen a whole spectrum of nanny skill sets, I realize how important it is to provide proper training for our children’s caretakers.

Tej, the dynamo behind Strong Start, recognized this need and decided to do something about it. Over the past two years, she has developed a variety of courses and playgroups to give nannies the guidance, practical and theoretical knowledge they need in early childhood development.

Strong Start offers a range of training classes, from Foundations Training, to Caregiving Basics, Advanced Caregiving, and Early Learners, up to Tots’ Training. Each level builds upon the last, giving nannies the basics of child care, early childhood development, and even professionalism and communication (which is SO important!).

Strong Start also offers Nanny & Me playgroups for children to attend with their caretaker. I think this is such a cool, innovative idea! While the children get to socialize with other kids, the nannies get hands-on experience in a supervised environment. They can then take the activities they learn home, and incorporate them into their regular routine. This is such a fantastic concept – I wish this had been on offer when my kids were younger!

I just want to add that I think Tej, Strong Start’s founder, is such an inspiration. She’s an amazing mother of two, and she has such a clear vision of what she’s working to achieve with Strong Start. She has really filled a gap with this much-needed service for busy parents and their nannies.

Bonus: Strong Start is offering Mama Mgeni readers a 1,000 KSH discount on trainings and playgroups when you register before 20 January 2017! Just use the promo code PLAY. Enjoy!

Photos courtesy of Tejpreet Kaur, used with permission. This post was sponsored by Strong Start, a service I love! Thanks so much for supporting businesses that make Mama Mgeni possible!

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  1. Tina says:

    Many thanks for this post!! I have been looking for such an opportunity!!

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