Reader survey results!

Reader Survey

Earlier this month, I finally did the first ever Mama Mgeni reader survey! I’ve wanted to do a reader survey for ages, to get a feel for what I’m doing right, what needs to be tweaked, and what you guys want to see here on the blog. Thanks to all of you who took the time to respond! Your responses were so interesting, helpful, and entertaining – and reading what you had to say was really fun! Here’s a peek at the results, if you’re curious. (I had 60 respondents, which is probably not statistically significant, but I’m going with it because it’s my first survey and I’m excited about it!)

The basics:

Survey results - age data

As far as age is concerned, about half of Mama Mgeni readers are age 25 – 35, and half  are age 35 – 45, with a few outliers who are either younger or older.

A whopping 93% of you are women, which is no surprise. Actually, it IS a bit surprising, because that means 7% of you are men! This blew my mind. I am going to guess that Jesse and my dad are amongst the handful of male responders – hi guys!

About 70% of Mama Mgeni readers have children, and 30% do not. It’s so interesting to know that a blog that focuses so much on parenting and my nutty kids could be appealing to people who don’t have children. (I’m not sure I would have been interested in my pre-child days!)

Where you’re from, and where you live: 

Survey results - where you're from data

This was also fascinating! I had always thought that the majority of my readers were Kenyan, with a few expats in Kenya. It turns out that a whopping 37% of you are neither Kenyan, nor living in Kenya. Who knew?? Roughly half of you are Kenyan (either living here, or diaspora), and about 16% of you are expats here in Kenya. This was so interesting to me – I want to know more!

How you read the blog: 

Survey results - new posts data

Just over half of you prefer to get your new blog posts by email, but that leaves plenty of you who find new posts on social media,in your favorite feed reader, or by going straight to the blog. Also, I stink at Twitter. Seriously.

More than half of you read Mama Mgeni posts on a mobile device, which tells me I REALLY need to make my site more mobile friendly. Goal for 2017! Your favorite types of posts are Parenthood, Nairobi Living, and Travels. Many of you also noted that it’s the variety of topics that you most love about the blog. The majority of you think my usual 3 posts per week is a good frequency, with a few of you commenting that it was either too much, or too little.

Is there a topic I haven’t covered on Mama Mgeni that you wish I would?

There were some pretty clear trends here. Several of you said you wanted to know more about my marriage. I don’t know why, but this really surprised me! I’m struggling with the idea of sharing more about my relationship with Jesse – and, to be honest, I’m not sure Jesse would like the idea at all. (haha!) Maybe I’ll just say that I really appreciate your interest, and I’ll give it a good think… 😉

There were also several of you who wanted to see more posts about raising mixed-race children, ranging from raising mixed-race kids with a strong sense of identity, caring for mixed-race hair, or maintaining cultural identity with two different cultural backgrounds. I would love to write more about this topic, and my gears are already grinding! Thanks for the ideas!

Several of you also mentioned that you would like more recipes, DIY tips and tricks, tips on choosing a school in Nairobi, and healthcare for kids. A few of you also asked to know more about balancing work life and home life, and what I plan to do with my career as the kids grow older.

I got some other great ideas for future posts from your comments – an update on Heidi’s sleep training, sharing my first experiences in Kenya before I had kids (when I was young, single, and had yet to meet Jesse!), how to pack for travel with kids, more info on upcoming kids’ events, and advice on starting a blog. Thanks for all the ideas!

Here are a few of my favorite comments from the two open-ended questions (I’ll definitely do more of these next time. Reading these comments was such a joy!) :

  • I love the sharing and realising that there are many of us who go through the same issues. I love to travel but don’t get to do as much of it so the travels I read on the blog are refreshing. Keep on sharing!
  • I love your kids. I have two girls with completely opposite personalities so I sometimes feel like you are writing about me.
  • I love the international flavour of your blog, my family looks similar to yours and that’s why I read. (There were so many comments from parents of multicultural, mixed-race kids. We have many kindred spirits amongst us!)
  • Why is ‘none’ not an option for how many children you have? Is it a must to have children? Some people don’t want to, or never will have children, for various reasons. Painful… (This comment broke my heart – I learned a big lesson here, and truly appreciate the feedback. Please accept my sincere apologies for being thoughtless. Mea culpa.)
  • You can tell us how you have two kids and don’t seem to have a nanny and you can get it all done! (HINT – I am NOT getting it all done! Haha! 😉 )

Thanks again for reading, and for sharing your thoughts and ideas with me. I truly enjoyed learning about you, and what you guys like / dislike about the blog. I love sharing with all of you, and getting to know you through comments, emails, and your responses to this survey. Thanks for making this community so wonderful!

(Lead image credit: Nicolas Buffler / Flickr)

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