Taking action: writing postcards to our senators back home

After the Women’s March on Nairobi, I was so full of energy and positivity. It was an incredible feeling! But the week after the march, and the inauguration, my feed was so full news about Trump’s executive orders, lies about illegal voters, a ban on Muslims, and the suspension of the refugee program, it left me with my head spinning. I didn’t even know where to direct my anger. I need to channel my energy. I want be as active as possible in U.S. political discourse, even from afar.

I decided to host a postcard party. I invited a group of expat Americans to my home, and together we wrote 35 postcards to our various senators. We each wrote about what matters most to us, from the Muslim ban, to women’s rights, from civil rights, to environmental justice. We all wrote our thoughts and concerns on our postcards, addressed them, and sent them off with a visiting American heading back to the U.S.

Meeting with our fellow Americans to discuss what’s happening in our country was incredibly encouraging and inspiring. We discussed where we were all from, what brought us to Kenya, and how we feel about the Trump administration’s actions since taking office. We brainstormed about future actions we can take as a group, and made a few phone calls to our senators and to Speaker Paul Ryan about hot topics on our minds (top on the list was the appointment of Steve Bannon and his shocking placement on the National Security Council).

We are watching. We are paying attention. We may be expatriates, but we are also patriots, and we love our country. We are taking action and making our voices heard.

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