Conversations with our kids that made us laugh

conversations with our kids

Heidi has been cracking us up lately with all the funny things she says! Claire is definitely getting older, and her funnies seem to be few and far between these days, which makes me kind of sad and nostalgic. Here are some good ones our kids have dropped on us over the past few months…

Claire (having woken up early): How long until it’s okay to get up?
Me: 15 minutes.
Claire: How many seconds are there in 15 minutes?
Me: Uhhhhh… 900.
Claire (whispering in her room): One, two, three, four…..

Me: What do you think we’ll see in the forest today?
Heidi (matter of factly): Um, not dragons. Definitely not dragons.

Me: Heidi, can you put your shoes on?
Heidi: No!!!!
Me: Why?
Heidi (hiding): Because I’m not here!!

Claire (being totally serious): Mommy, I can’t decide if I should get a race car, or one of those cars you don’t drive. What do you call those ones?
Me: A driverless car?
Claire: Yes! I can’t decide if I should get a race car or a driverless car!

Me (showing Heidi a photo of the Statue of Liberty): See these tiny dots? Those are people.The Statue of Liberty is very big!
Heidi: She’s big? Bigger than a monkey?

Heidi (pointing to the wrinkles around my eyes): Your eyes! They’re cracked!

Me (when Heidi received a note at her fairy door): Oh, look! You got a note from the fairy! She says her name is Cricket!
Heidi: NO! My fairy’s name is “Africa Animal!”
(She insists to this day that the fairy is called Africa Animal.)

Heidi (whining): I don’t want to wear those pajamas!
Me: Can you ask for other jammie’s in a nicer way, without whining?
Heidi: Can I please not want to wear those pajamas?

Heidi: Do you want a small hug or a big hug?
Me: I want a gigantic hug!
Heidi (patting her belly): “No! I don’t have any gigantic hugs in my tummy!”

Heidi (during one particularly rough bedtime):
I want to take my jammies off.
I want Curious George.
My sheets are sweaty.
I don’t want George, I want Teddy.
I want the fan off.
I want a drink.
Actually, I DO want jammies.
No, not those ones, the Frozen ones.
Actually, the Sofia ones.
I’m too hot!
Mommy, I promise I won’t play games.
Wait, I actually want the fan on.
I love you, Mama!

I can never get enough of these funny conversations! What have your kids made you laugh with lately?

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