Me time? 

me time

This week was “hair week” in our house – a monthly event of unbraiding, washing, detangling, moisturizing, and protective styling. Heidi doesn’t love having her hair braided, and a few months back Jesse and I realized that things go much smoother if we remove ourselves from the situation. Lynne, the virtuoso who braids the girls’ hair, is supremely patient and chill. She magically gets Heidi’s head of curls braided, even when Heidi is feeling feisty and uncooperative.

So yesterday, as Lynne got to work, I dashed off to a cafe down the street. I sat there, drinking my coffee, trying to enjoy the quiet time. But really, I was fidgeting in my seat, obsessively checking my phone, and wondering if Heidi was doing okay. Does it count as “me time” if you’re not really relaxing?

I don’t get much downtime these days (hence my blog delinquency of late!), and I wish I could say that I enjoyed this little respite, out having coffee by myself. Me time happens so rarely! But I was feeling anxious, dying to go home and check in…

You’d think that after 5+ years of this parenting gig, I would have learned to chill out! I got home 45 minutes later, and found Heidi looking cute as ever with her new do, grinning from ear-to-ear. She had sat still, happily having her hair done, with no fussing whatsoever. I should have enjoyed that coffee! Next time… 🙂

Me Time

Lynne worked her magic, yet again!

Check out Lynne’s Instagram and Facebook page – we love her! She works magic on our kids’ hair!

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2 Responses to Me time? 

  1. Amy says:

    Wow. 45 minutes that is amazing! We just had my daughter’s hair done and it was 3+hours.

    • Mama Mgeni says:

      Heidi would never sit for 3 hours, haha! I take out the braids and wash / moisturize it myself a few days before, so yesterday was just the braiding. Lynne usually finishes both girls in 3-4 hours. It works great for us!

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