Arts and crafts to keep us busy over school break

Arts and Crafts time

Ahhhh, school break has arrived. At first, I will love the lazy mornings – no need to pack backpacks, or to rush around getting everyone ready, or to dash out the door to get to school on time. What a luxury! But after a day or two of having both kids at home all day, we will all start to go stir crazy, and we will need some special activities to keep us all sane. We’ve always bumped up our arts and crafts activities during the school break, and the kids love it.

I found this great website a couple of months ago, The Artful Parent.  What an amazing resource! Jean, the creative mind behind The Artful Parent, believes in making kids’ arts and crafts easy and fun. She has some incredibly creative ideas, and they’re perfect for us since many of them call for only the simplest art supplies.

I’ve combed through her website gathering ideas that can be done by kids old and young, so that we can do them together as a family. Here are a few crafts we’re hoping to try during this school break:

We will also probably send the girls for one or two days to Kids Gymnastics in Lavington, and we might also check out Sky Fest with the Travelling Telescope on 12 April. Throw in a sleepover with the cousins and a camping trip or two, and the school break will be over before we know it!

Here are some other tried and tested arts and crafts we’ve done with the kids over the years:

What are you doing with your kids to make it through the school break? Do you have any great arts and crafts ideas to share? Please share any fun ideas in the comments below!


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  1. Erin McCloskey says:

    The Artful Parent is my fav!!

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