The BEST detangling brush

best detangling brush

I was talking to my hairdresser the other day about detangling the girls’ curls, and she recommended this special detangling brush. At first, I told her I don’t really believe in brushes for curly hair. In my experience, they just turn curls into a giant frizzy bush! She insisted, this brush was different. I found the aptly named “Magic Brush” at the Golden Curl kiosk at Junction for 3,000 KSH. Incidentally, this is WAY more than I would ever normally pay for a brush or comb, but my stylist was so insistent that it would work wonders that I decided to try it. (PS – a similar brush in Europe or the U.S. will cost you about $10!)

I’m not kidding, this thing is MAGIC. It glided through Claire’s curls like silk. It was amazing! The bristles have just the right amount of give that the tangles come loose smoothly, instead of breaking and pulling. There’s also something about the pattern of the bristles that separates tangles as you pull it through the hair. It’s incredible. And the truly mind-blowing thing is that the brush left her hair in these perfect curly ringlets. I used to spend hours finger detangling her hair to get that look. Wow. Just wow.

best detangling brush

I will say that the brush works its magic way better on Claire’s hair than Heidi’s, though it may be because Claire’s hair was still quite wet when we brushed it, and Heidi’s had mostly dried by the time I got started. Also, Heidi is the most tender-headed child I have ever met. Her hair is finer and more fragile than Claire’s locks, so we have to be super gentle with it. I will put it to use again next wash day and see if it works better on Heidi’s hair when wet.

If you have curly kids who hate having their hair detangled, I would definitely recommend the investment (even if I choked a little at spending so much on a brush!). And by the way, this isn’t a sponsored post, I am just really amazed at this little brush!

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4 Responses to The BEST detangling brush

  1. Andrea Kaitany says:

    So glad this is working for you. Please watch carefully to see that the brush is not stretching the wet hair. Our experience has been some of the brushes seem to work great on wet or damp hair at first until you realize it is stretching the hair and making it more fragile and brittle over time. My girls are 17 and 22 now and have pretty much given up on brushes except for a special occasion when they want a sleeked back look and brush the hair for that.

  2. Lisa says:

    I have used this exact brush for the past couple of years after getting it as a gift from my mom. I have fine Scandinavian hair that tangles easily, and it works wonders on me too! Now I’d rather not brush it at all if I don’t have my brush around. Ps, I also use it when my hair is wet and haven’t noticed that it stretches the hair – it’s just so gentle.

    • Mama Mgeni says:

      The brush really is amazing – I laughed when I realized it was called “The Magic Brush,” because that’s really what it is! Pure magic!

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