The Rhino Charge: an over-the-top race for a good cause

Rhino Charge

This year, Jesse will be participating in the Rhino Charge, Kenya’s annual 4×4 off-road race. The race raises awareness and funds to protect the rhino population in the Aberdare National Park, along with Kenya’s mountain range ecosystems, which provide water for over 2 million people as well as a significant portion of Kenya’s electricity.

Beyond the noble causes of protecting Kenya’s dwindling rhino population and endangered water supply, participating in the Rhino Charge has been a dream of Jesse’s for many years. Jesse is a total car junkie, and he loves races of all kinds! He and his team, The DeRanged Rovers, will be scouting out their trail over 100 square kilometers of rough wilderness terrain. They will navigate across luggas (dry river beds), over boulders, and through dense brush. The team must pass certain waypoints while trying to reach the end point in the shortest distance possible. And all this must be done without totally destroying their car! To get an idea, check out the first minute or so of this video:

If you would like to make a donation to support Jesse and his team, please click here. (You can donate using your credit card in GBP, USD, or other major currencies.)

Alternatively, you can buy raffle tickets directly from us! Each 2,000 KSH donation gets you a raffle ticket, with the chance to win some incredibly cool prizes. My favorites are round-trip airfare for 2 to Diani on Air Kenya, 2 nights full board at Ol Pejeta, a helicopter ride over the Rift Valley, and two nights for SIX people at the Rhino Retreat in the Aberdares! You can learn more about the sponsors and raffle prizes here. If you want to buy a raffle ticket, just send me an email and we can discuss the details!

Thank you for your support!

(Photo courtesy of Dominic Rebelo, the fearless leader of the DeRanged Rovers!)

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  1. Amazing! Its interesting to know a blogger I follow shall participate in the Rhino Charge race (well, her husband shall). My company sponsors the event by providing tents and all. I wish your hubby and his team all the best.

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