Kids craft: crayon watercolor resist

Crayon watercolor resist

We’ve been getting really into watercolor painting in our house recently. The kids love painting, and we used to use mostly tempera paints and our trusty easel. But tempera requires quite a bit of supervision, especially with Heidi, who tends to accidentally flick paint on walls and furniture! The watercolors give the girls all the fun of painting, with much less concern about permanent mess in the house!

Crayon watercolor resist

Recently, we tried watercolor resist painting for a fun project. I got the idea from Helen over at Arty Crafty Kids. We drew some lines on the paper with black oil pastel, and let the girls fill in the spaces with watercolor. They both loved it, and the paintings they made are really beautiful! We got liquid watercolors from Text Book Centre, which come in small tubes. (Unlike the standard watercolors, which come in a palette and are a lot harder for younger kids to use.) A tiny dot of the liquid paint mixed with water goes a long way!

Crayon watercolor resist

The concept behind this technique is that oil and water do not mix, so the waxy oil pastels create a barrier across which the watercolor paints won’t spread. The effect is almost like stained glass. You can use glue, tape, or other materials for watercolor resist as well.

Crayon watercolor resist

Even Heidi, at age 3, can do this with minimal help. Her colors get mixed together a bit, but the results are still really lovely! Both kids were really happy to sit at the art table and do this for over an hour. I helped to draw the lines with the oil pastels, though Claire could also easily do this herself.

Crayon watercolor resist

I love the paintings the girls made, and I especially loved how easy it was to clean up afterward. The girls were really proud of their artwork, as well. (We gave these to Jesse for his birthday!)

Crayon watercolor resist

This is another great craft to do during school holidays, weekends, or even just a random weekday afternoon, because it’s so easy. Let me know if you give it a try! I’d love to hear about it in the comments. Enjoy!

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  1. Karambu says:

    Love this. Will be trying it our. Thanks.

  2. Nike says:

    Lovely idea! You can also use wax (and old piece of white candle will do) and write or draw “hidden messages” for the kids to find. Like wax hearts for Valentines or write their name etc. When they paint over w water colors the messages get revealed. Kids loved it at Terra Moyo and we have done many versions of this:-)

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