This is how messy my life is right now…


Sometimes life gets messy. It just wasn’t my day. First, I baked Claire’s birthday cake, and it broke apart when I tried to pop it out of the pan. (Yes, ANOTHER cake fail.) Later, I was making one of my kids’ favorite dinners – Thai peanut pasta. It’s easy, they love it, it has broccoli. Wins all around. In the midst of cooking, I ran out of soy sauce. I got a new bottle from the pantry, but…. something was wrong. The soy sauce was thick and viscous, like tar. I thought, well, how bad can it be?

Bad. It can be bad. Like really bad. You don’t even want to know.

The pasta was inedible. We picked out a few pieces of broccoli, but dinner could not be salvaged. So what did I do? I gave the kids broken pieces of Claire’s birthday cake. For dinner. My kids ate cake for dinner. Oh, and leftover frozen yoghurt with tons of candy in it.


The kids were, of course, delighted. I resigned myself to the situation.  Letting them eat cake this one time wouldn’t kill them, or me, and I decided not to feel guilty about it. Sometimes life gets messy. Sometimes stuff just goes haywire. Sometimes your husband is away for work for over a week and you just gotta do what you gotta do to get by. Sometimes your kids might eat cake for dinner. And it’s okay.


(So, in other news, we’re off to the Rhino Charge this week! Jesse is so excited – this is one of his dreams! Thanks to all of you who donated to help support Jesse’s team and this worthy cause. If you’d like to donate, you can do so here! I’ll share photos once we’re back!)

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