Great camping hack for kids – a bucket and rope!

Bucket and rope

When camping, I usually pack a bin with a few crayons and coloring books in case the kids need some activities beyond climbing rocks, hiking, and running around in the long grass. On our last trip, I decided to also bring a bucket and some rope. I wasn’t sure whether the kids would be into it, but it turns out this was the best camping activity ever!

Bucket and rope

I got the idea from Jackie over at Happy Hooligans. The post is full of great ideas to make your garden a fun place for your kids to play. It turns out it’s also great for camping trips, as long as your campsite has a tree with some sturdy branches!

Bucket and rope

I tied one end of the rope to the bucket, and tossed the other end up over a branch. I gave the kids the loose end of the rope, and let them decide what to do. Open-ended play is so great! Claire was the oldest kid, so she took the role of executive director. Before I knew it, the kids were filling the bucket with sticks and rocks, and pulling the rope to lift it up into the branches.

Bucket and rope

Kids are pretty incredible. This activity is as simple as it gets, yet they happily played with this for almost an hour one morning. As the other adults passed by the kids, they all commented on what a great activity this was. The kids were cracking us up, shouting, “Okay guys, let’s haul that bucket up now!” They were serious about their bucket hauling.

Bucket and rope

Our crew loved this simple activity, and it made for great teamwork amongst the kiddos. I will definitely be tossing a bucket and rope into our car when we pack for our next camping trip!

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  1. Awesome idea! I’ll try this on our next camping trip 🙂

  2. Karambu says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Definitely trying it.

  3. I will be trying this bucket and rope exercise with my kids coming August holidays. Thanks Mama Mgeni for sharing

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