Kids’ craft: marbled paper made with shaving cream and paint

It’s school break, and I’m always on the hunt for easy, fun crafts to do with the kids during the long days at home. Jean over at The Artful Parent is my favorite inspiration for all things crafty! The kids and I made some beautiful marbled paper the other day, and I can’t wait to use it to make some nice cards and gifts!

So, this craft is super easy, yields gorgeous results, and was surprisingly simple to clean up. But once you get started, things move pretty fast, so I didn’t manage to take many “during” photos. Oops!

Shaving cream (make sure you get the foam kind, not shaving gel!)
Paint (we used liquid watercolors)
Droppers (we bought a cheap bottle of saline eye drops that came with a dropper)
A shallow dish
Sturdy card stock
Something to use as a scraper (we used a piece of cardboard, but this got pretty soggy. In the end, a rubber spatula worked best for us!)

We filled our shallow dish with a layer of shaving cream. Then we used our dropper to add drops of paint to the surface of the shaving cream. We used liquid watercolors, and diluted them less than usual to achieve brighter colors. Beware, this step looks good enough to eat, and we had to work hard to keep Heidi from taking a taste! 🙂 Finally, we used a chopstick to swirl the paint and shaving cream a bit, to make the marbled effect. Don’t swirl too much, you want to keep the colors separate and marbled!

Now this when things started moving fast – the kids each took a piece of card stock and pressed it into the swirled paint and shaving cream. Then they lifted the card out of the dish, and used the cardboard to scrape the shaving cream into a bowl. Voila! Beautiful marbled paper! (I was working hard to keep up with the dipping, scraping, and dropping new paint colors – hence no time for photos of this craft in progress!)

We kept adding colors and shaving cream to make additional prints, and we also realized that we could recycle the used shaving cream for extra prints! Eventually, though, all the shaving cream wound up being the same shade of dusky purple, and then we started with a fresh layer for brighter results.

The marbled paper came out beautifully! We plan to send a few pieces home with my mom, and we’ll use the rest for cards and decorations! What really surprised me was how easy this was to clean up. I worried that the marbled shaving cream would stain the counter, but it wiped off really easily. Added bonus!

We will definitely do this craft again one day – the kids really enjoyed the process, and the cards are so lovely! I can’t wait to try it again (and I’ll try to take more photos next time, if I can get my act together!) Let me know if you try it out!

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