School break activity: brewing fizzy magic potions

Fizzy magic potions

The long, cold, dark days of August have arrived, and we’re trying to spice things up with some extra fun crafts and sensory activities. This one was a whopper! And we already had all the materials in our cupboard! (Thanks to Jean over at The Artful Parent for yet another amazing kids’ activity!)

Fizzy magic potions

Baking soda
Color (we used liquid watercolor, but you could also use food coloring)
Glitter (optional, but really fun!)
Jars or glasses

I set up the trays for each of my kids with a dish of baking soda, a spoon, a few glass jars, a small pitcher of vinegar, and some containers with the diluted liquid watercolors. The kids kind of sat there at first, staring at everything (so much different from the marbled paper craft, where they just went for it!). So I told them a story, and said that today we’re going to brew up some magic potions. Claire got a gleam in her eye when I said the word “potions,” and I knew she would love it.

Fizzy magic potions

I started them off by putting a spoon of baking soda in and a bit of watercolor in each jar. Then I asked the kids to add some vinegar to brew their potion. Claire’s face was priceless! She was so shocked to see a purple pillar of bubbles flowing out of her jar! I added some glitter confetti, which made the whole thing even more dazzling.

Fizzy magic potions
Fizzy magic potions

At this point, the kids got the hang of it and started mixing on their own, adding baking soda, vinegar, and color as they went along. They started to understand that adding vinegar without extra baking soda didn’t produce more bubbles, so there was even some learning going on!

Fizzy magic potions Fizzy magic potions

The kids enjoyed brewing and mixing until the baking soda and vinegar were gone. Then we took their trays outside so they could add flower petals and other stuff to their potions. We discussed this activity in our local parenting group, and some people said their kids loved this, but it didn’t occupy them for hours. Our girls played at making the potions for a good hour and a half, which seemed like a good return on investment to me!

Fizzy magic potions

What activities or crafts do your kids love? I’d love to get some new ideas from you! Let me know in the comments below.

PS – To all my readers in Kenya, happy voting –  and may we all enjoy a peaceful outcome!

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