Ringing in the New Year in Kakamega Rainforest


Happy New Year! We just got back from an incredible trip to Kakamega Rainforest in western Kenya. We did lots of hiking, lots of bird watching, and lots of relaxing. I’ll write another post soon with a full review of the campsites in Kakamega (there is SO little information on the internet about visiting this gorgeous spot), but for now, here are some photos from our trip, if you’re interested!


It was a long ride (8 hours, with stops), but we have been wanting to visit Kakamega Rainforest for ages. I last visited the forest in 2004 (pre-Jesse, pre-kids!), and Jesse had never been. We set up camp at Udo’s Campsite in the northern part of the forest, run by KWS. We had the campsite mostly to ourselves, but we had to share with the local troop of Colobus monkeys… 🙂

Kakamega Kakamega Kakamega

We took lots of hikes through the forest, checking out the flora and fauna. The kids loved climbing all the trees in the forest. We loved checking out all the monkeys and bird species! Breathing in the cool forest air was heaven.

Kakamega Kakamega Kakamega

We also hiked down to a waterfall not far from our campsite. Claire is a little mountain goat, and she loves to leap around from rock to rock in the water.

Kakamega Kakamega Kakamega

We spent lots of time just hanging out, taking naps, playing card games, and reading. My kind of holiday.

Kakamega Kakamega

On New Year’s Day, we made our way up to the Buyangu viewpoint in the forest to watch the very first sunrise of 2018. What a way to start the year!

Kakamega Kakamega Kakamega

Happy New Year, and may 2018 be the very best year yet! Thanks for the memories, Kakamega. We can’t wait to come back!

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  1. Kerry says:

    Thanks a lot mama mgeni for sharing your travel stories with us I enjoy reading them. We live in Malindi so hopefully we will soon take the trip to kakamega rainforest with my family. Happy new year.

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