Have a lovely weekend!

What are you guys up to this weekend? I’m taking a few more steps in my resolution to do more hiking. We’re thinking of doing some of the nature trails at Brackenhurst in Limuru – have any of you ever hiked there? I think we’ll pack up a picnic lunch and spend a¬†morning on the trail!

In other news, Claire lost yet another tooth this week, and this time she put it under her pillow for the tooth fairy that same night. (She has been pretty emotional about losing her teeth, and sometimes hangs on to them for weeks before she finally decides to put them under her pillow!)

I’m so glad it’s Friday… Have a wonderful weekend! ūüôā

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Celery salad with dates, almonds and Parmesan

celery salad recipe

This is my new favorite meal¬†right now: celery salad with dates, almonds and parmesan. It’s delicious! This recipe is from Bon App√©tit, and I actually found it on their excellent Instagram feed. I’ve made it pretty much every week since I first discovered it! It’s the perfect combination of crunch from the celery, a bit of sweetness from the dates, and a delicious tang from the lemon juice. It’s salad heaven! Continue reading

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The Women’s March on Nairobi was incredible!

I was so proud to participate in the Women’s March on Nairobi this weekend, in solidarity with women marching all over the world! We had a peaceful march through Karura Forest, making our voices heard. Thanks to all of you who came out! I haven’t seen any official estimates, but I would put the group at nearly 1,000 strong! Here are a few photos, if you’d like to see… Continue reading

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Reader survey results!

Reader Survey

Earlier this month, I finally¬†did the first ever Mama Mgeni reader survey! I’ve wanted to do a reader survey for ages, to get a feel for what I’m doing right, what needs to be tweaked, and what you guys want to see here on the blog. Thanks to all of you who took the time to respond! Your responses were so interesting, helpful, and entertaining¬†– and reading what you had to say¬†was really¬†fun! Here’s a peek at the results, if you’re curious. Continue reading

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Camping and adventuring in Hell’s Gate

Hell's Gate

This weekend we went camping at Hell’s Gate National Park in Naivasha and had a blast! It’s been ages since we last visited the park, and I’ve been dying to check out the geothermal spa at Olkaria gate, so we decided to give it a go. I forgot how beautiful and special Hell’s Gate is! For details on camping there, check out this excellent post by the Kenyan Camper. And here are a few photos, if you’d like to see! Continue reading

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Amazing training opportunities for your nanny!

As a stay at home mom, I have spent many afternoons outside with¬†the girls¬†while they played and explored. As such,¬†I have really gotten to know all the nannies¬†in our neighborhood.¬†This gave me a window into the life and work of a nanny that not all parents get to see. I know good nannies, and not-so-good¬†nannies. Nannies who encourage children to play and learn, and nannies who take over and do the activities FOR the child. Nannies who motivate¬†children, and nannies who discourage them¬†(even inadvertently). Having seen a whole spectrum of nanny skill sets, I¬†realize how important it is to provide proper training for our children’s caretakers. Continue reading

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Join us for the Women’s March on Nairobi

Women's March on Nairobi

Have you heard about this incredible event, the Women’s March on Nairobi? On 21 January 2017, we will march in solidarity with men and women¬†in Washington D.C. and around¬†the world for the protection of women’s¬†rights, safety, health, and our families. Continue reading

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Safe gas bottle storage


For years now, I’ve been worried about our gas bottle storage in our kitchen. We have a gas stove and oven, and since we moved to our house (5 years ago!), the gas bottle has been stored in a small cabinet adjacent to the stove. I always knew this was a bad idea, yet still somehow 5 years passed before I did anything about it. Continue reading

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Tell me about you! A reader survey…

Reader Survey

I’ve been dying to ask you guys for your ideas and input for a long time now. I attended a roundtable discussion with an incredible group of bloggers a while back, and one tip that was offered by a pro attending the session was to ask our readers what they want to read by sharing a survey. Such a simple and powerful idea!

I’ve joked with other bloggers about how sometimes I’ll dash off a quickie post, and for whatever reason, it just totally resonates with people and gets loads of traffic and comments. Other times, I’ll spend ages crafting a post I’m really proud of, and it’s crickets. It makes me realize that I don’t always know what you guys¬†are looking for. What¬†better way to find out than to ASK? In the interest of knowing, I have a short survey that I would love you guys to take. I want to make reading this blog a great experience for you, and¬†I¬†can’t wait to hear what you have to say!¬†(If you‚Äôre reading via email or a feed reader, you may need to click over to the blog for this one. And if the embedded survey gives you any trouble, please click here. Thanks!)

Create your own user feedback survey

Thank you for your input!

NOTE – The survey is now closed. Stay tuned for the survey results, and thank you so much for sharing!

(Photo credit: Nicolas Buffler / Flickr)

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This year’s resolution: do more hiking!


I’ve never been much for New Year’s resolutions, but last year we resolved to do more camping. It was a great, achievable goal that we could all get behind as a family.¬†This¬†year, my resolution is to spend more time outdoors hiking. Continue reading

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